My Teacher Toolkit

These essential oils are an  integral  part of my teacher toolkit.  It was rainy and I was groggy today,  so I applied InTune to the back of my neck to improve my focus.  Makes sense, too, since InTune is a delightful blend of amyris, patchouli, frankincense, lime, ylang ylang, sandalwood, and roman chamomile…all said to improve clarity, focus, and staying on task.  

What are some ways you stay focused when you’re dragging?  


Contemplate Something Beautiful

I was inspired to start a movement. Perhaps a mini movement, or maybe something that builds like an avalanche, or maybe something even bigger. The idea is to simply contemplate something beautiful, then take a picture of it. Tag your photos with the hashtag #contemplatesomethingbeautiful, so we can all see and appreciate the good things in each other’s lives.

Here is my first entry: my ikea orchid plant roosting in my lime tree.


I was inspired to begin this movement, after I watched this video on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Just like Hollye, I am guilty of rushing around, and not slowing down to appreciate life’s small beauties. Join me in slowing down to contemplate something beautiful each day.

What I believe in…

1. I believe in yoga, and how one’s body is it’s own healer. It’s worked for me!
2. I believe in chakras. Oh yes, I do. I can tell when they’re opened, balanced and aligned as well as blocked. Soon, western medicine will validate the ancient chakra system, if it hasn’t already.
3. I believe that eating a vegan/vegetarian diet will raise your vibrations. I struggle with maintaining one, though.
4. I believe that angels are around me. Pretty much all the time.
5. I believe my husband and I were meant to find each other.
6. I believe God/the Divine/the Creator reveals Himself to us all the time, but we often have our eyes closed.
7. I believe in seeing messages in the clouds.

8. I believe in synchronicity, and I also believe that becoming aware of these events can lead you down the right path.
9. I believe in the divine healing nature of the ocean.
10. I absolutely believe in the Secret, and the importance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude.
11. I believe in everyday magic.

Put it Down and Be Present!

I am this video!

I stumbled upon this video yesterday, and it was like holding a mirror up to my face. At times, I can relate to the young girl in bed, and at times I feel like her friends: constantly checking and fiddling with my phone, completely unaware to what is happening right before me. I really think I am addicted to my iPhone and/or Facebook.

I hate thinking that I’m addicted to something-that it has power over me.

I’ve tried finding apps that limit how much you can go on Facebook on your phone-no luck. I deleted the Facebook app from my phone after that, but it only lasted one day.

I’ve become aware if the fact that constantly checking my phone keeps me out if the “flow” of life. My phone has become my opiate.

So. I’ve removed myself from many Facebook groups in an effort to cut down on my time there. I’m also going to start treating my phone like a phone. I might even start leaving it at home. On purpose!

What are your strategies for unplugging?