The List

2012 is almost here, and I’ve been pondering my silly (sometimes) list of to-do’s. Here’s an ongoing, emerging, evolving list of fun, quirky, and at times important goals/activities/dreams that I’ve come up with.

1. get hair feathers

2. figure out what my next tattoo will be.

3. find a place for said tattoo.

4. practice thoughtfulness

5. be more like that person who knows everyone. Everyone.

6. kool-aid hair!

7. run a half marathon

8. Bike Pub Crawl!

9. Marry my beloved ♥

10. complete yoga certification exam.

11. complete CXWORX certification

12. Make more stuff, or buy off Etsy, or, if I can’t do that, check on Ebay before buying ANYTHING!

13. say “no” to stuff, so that I don’t overwhelm myself.

14. get to bed be 10, on “school nights”

15. limit my computer usage-a lot

16. don’t allow self to be money’s “bitch” anymore ☺

17. practice spontaneity.

18. get to Key West. soon.

19. keep the weekends just for myself, not work, only fun ☺

20. read all of the Discworld books.

21. take more pictures

22. Visit the wizarding world of Harry Potter
23. See the Aurora Borealis
23. Run a 5K


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