Sometimes, you feel sorry for yourself.

Sometimes, you have a fever, and a really sore throat, and you feel cruddy.

So you go to a Doc-in-the-Box, because your regular doctor can’t see you.

And then…and then…you get a text from a person you’ve never actually met in person, who is referring one of their clients to you for private yoga sessions!

And she lets you know that her other clients love your classes!  Whee!  And suddenly, you don’t feel so…puny.

Then you get home, and your fabulous FB friend (another person you have yet to meet face to face) posts this on their wall.

Which gets you thinking about this:

And, suddenly, your day turns around.

You start to think about what nourishes your soul. What would you do differently, if you truly lived in the House of Yes?

And in that moment, a small change in your thinking and attitude happens.

And you step into that house. ♥


One Comment Add yours

  1. zazazu says:

    I love this! I love that you loved my post today too. Big hugs!

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