What a beautiful Sunday morning it is! As I lay in bed last night, I took stock of my life, and all I have to be grateful for, and it’s bountiful.

Here’s a short list:


1. This picture, that I snapped right after I got done teaching a yoga class.

You see, prior to the class, I had surrendered to my job. I was going to give it my all-to give up all my other loves, and make my job the central focus of my life. But-that night-as I coached my class through svasana, I knew with crystalline clarity that a yoga centered life was how I was meant to live. I left class in a state of bliss, looked up in the sky, and took this snapshot of a beautiful sunset. Later, as I soaked in a bath, I looked at it again…and got a gift; a message in the clouds meant just for me. It was like the universe was saying “Yes. I heard you. You are on the right path.”


2. We are finally landscaping our home. It’s gone from an overgrown, weed infested yard to a cute little haven, where I sit each morning, sipping my green tea, and watching the sun rise.

3. My new stash!
I’ve got some faceted carnelian, fire agate and gold rutilated quartz. Later today, I will craft some beautiful new jewelry for my shop.

Enjoy this beautiful day. I’d like to know what fills your heart.


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  1. Leslie says:

    So awesome! Thanks for sharing…

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