My top ten remedies for a foul mood

This weekend was the worst ever. I tweaked my left shoulder so badly, I ended up with a pinched nerve. The pain got so bad that by Saturday, I went to a walk in clinic, where they prescribed pain meds and a pill for muscle spasms. The meds got me so SICK that I felt nauseous, on top of being really hurt. I spent the weekend in bed, miserable. But I digress. Here are some of my tried and true ways to yank myself out of a rotten mood. Perhaps some will work for you, too.

10. A hot bath, preferably with some nice smelling bath salts, from Sage Goddess

9. Power walk!

8. Good, old fashioned cardio exercise

7. Watching the sunrise.

6. Watching the sunset

5. A trip to the beach-preferably late afternoon-preferably with friends- and if you can swing it, the Treasure Island Drum Circle

4. Reading. Preferably anything by Terry Pratchett

3. Magazine (People, or similar), new nailpolish, and candy bar night

2. I hate to medicate with food, but a Starbucks grande light java soy decaf frapp with mint chips blended in, is just a little taste of heaven.

1. YOGA!!!



3 Comments Add yours

  1. Kirsten says:

    Great List. I love watching the sunset its so soothing to me. I hope your shoulder is feeling better. Those yucky pain meds make me ill too.

    1. I’ll never take them again! Thanks for the well wishes.

  2. Those are really great ideas! Hope you are feeling better!!

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