Put it Down and Be Present!

I am this video!

I stumbled upon this video yesterday, and it was like holding a mirror up to my face. At times, I can relate to the young girl in bed, and at times I feel like her friends: constantly checking and fiddling with my phone, completely unaware to what is happening right before me. I really think I am addicted to my iPhone and/or Facebook.

I hate thinking that I’m addicted to something-that it has power over me.

I’ve tried finding apps that limit how much you can go on Facebook on your phone-no luck. I deleted the Facebook app from my phone after that, but it only lasted one day.

I’ve become aware if the fact that constantly checking my phone keeps me out if the “flow” of life. My phone has become my opiate.

So. I’ve removed myself from many Facebook groups in an effort to cut down on my time there. I’m also going to start treating my phone like a phone. I might even start leaving it at home. On purpose!

What are your strategies for unplugging?


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  1. I remember those days when my phone was my lifeline. Now, I hardly ever use my cell phone and my landline almost always has the ringer off. But FB and my email still call to me, I have to admit! Still working on them.

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