What I believe in…

1. I believe in yoga, and how one’s body is it’s own healer. It’s worked for me!
2. I believe in chakras. Oh yes, I do. I can tell when they’re opened, balanced and aligned as well as blocked. Soon, western medicine will validate the ancient chakra system, if it hasn’t already.
3. I believe that eating a vegan/vegetarian diet will raise your vibrations. I struggle with maintaining one, though.
4. I believe that angels are around me. Pretty much all the time.
5. I believe my husband and I were meant to find each other.
6. I believe God/the Divine/the Creator reveals Himself to us all the time, but we often have our eyes closed.
7. I believe in seeing messages in the clouds.

8. I believe in synchronicity, and I also believe that becoming aware of these events can lead you down the right path.
9. I believe in the divine healing nature of the ocean.
10. I absolutely believe in the Secret, and the importance of cultivating an attitude of gratitude.
11. I believe in everyday magic.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Your thoughts (and beliefs) are inspiring! And I love the way you put into words some of the things I believe, as well, but in a way that I hadn’t quite thought of them yet.

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