Contemplate Something Beautiful

I was inspired to start a movement. Perhaps a mini movement, or maybe something that builds like an avalanche, or maybe something even bigger. The idea is to simply contemplate something beautiful, then take a picture of it. Tag your photos with the hashtag #contemplatesomethingbeautiful, so we can all see and appreciate the good things in each other’s lives.

Here is my first entry: my ikea orchid plant roosting in my lime tree.


I was inspired to begin this movement, after I watched this video on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday.

Just like Hollye, I am guilty of rushing around, and not slowing down to appreciate life’s small beauties. Join me in slowing down to contemplate something beautiful each day.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. On the Path says:

    LOVE this and will do!! xoxo

  2. It’s really shifted things for me, in the short time I’ve been doing it. Now, I actually really take the time to look for and appreciate the beauty in everyday life. Thanks for your comment, and enjoy your day!

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