Chakra Balancing Crystal Healing 

This fifty minute to one hour crystal healing session uses the Hibiscus Moon certified techniques to balance the chakras.  It is a gentle, relaxing, and rejuvenating minimal contact therapy of placing stones on the body during relaxation, which allows the stones to interact with the human bioelectric  field and re-set energetic blockages.   $70, or book four sessions for $200.  

Depending on a clients needs, I also offer specific sessions geared towards:


Self love



Distant Crystal Grids

I will work with you to create a crystal grid for distance work and intention-setting.  Options include protection and grounding,  love, healing or abundance, or I can tailor a custom grid for your specific needs.  The grid is left up for one moon cycle, and you are sent a stone from your grid to continue you your work at home. $50 including initial consultation 

Chakra Balancing Oil Blends

This offering includes one 1/3 ounce of custom perfume crafted from therapeutic grade essential oils, and designed to supplement energetic healing as needed by the client.  The perfume will be infused with specific stones and crystals to work synergistically with the oils, to promote deep healing.  $30 

If you are interested in any of these services, please email me @